Restaurant Pagers
Everybody loves to dine outside and most of us have been to a restaurant as of date. But have you observed what happens when you go to a restaurant and have to wait for a table?

Usually the waiter takes down your name and calls you over when there is a table ready for you. But now technology is advancing. These days most well to do restaurants use restaurant pagers.
Restaurant pagers are electronic devices that look like small plastic boxes, which the restaurant host/hostess hands over to you when they call out your name. The people are then free to roam about in the restaurantís surrounding area.
Whenever the pager starts glowing or starts vibrating it means that your table is ready and you can come over and have a seat. The hostess takes the pager back from you and you are led to your table.
A restaurant pager is quite similar to a radio that listens to one station most of the time. The transmitters broadcast signals at certain frequencies and most of the pagers have built-in receivers to tune to the same frequency as that of the transmitter.
The pagers are constantly listening to the transmitter as long as they are turned on. Each pager has a unique CAP code, which it understands. On receiving this CAP code, it alerts the pager user.
There are several types of restaurant pagers like Beepers, Tone, Numeric, Alphanumeric, etc. They alert the customers in the restaurants accordingly on receiving a signal from the transmitter.