EAText is subscription based Internet service. The cost of the service is $95.00 / month per location. This price includes 1000 text messages; additional messages are billed at 8 cents per message. Discounts are available for companies with many locations.
Cost Comparison
Coaster Pager Systems - If you own a restaurant pager system, you're aware of the high cost associated in purchasing and maintaining these systems. The typical short-range pager system costs ~$4000 to setup initially, and ~150/month to maintain and replace pagers.
Direct Mail - It seems like the USPS is continually raising their rates. It's hard to justify sending information to your loyal customers when postage is so high. At 41 cents per stamp, text messaging is quickly becmoming a preferred method of contact.
Return On Investment (ROI)
How much money is saved when you're able to drive more customers to your establishment during slow times? What's the cost of having too many employees standing around with nothing to do? With EAText you're always in the know. Detailed reporting can save you as much as %15 in excess staffing costs by giving you the information needed to adapt to customer trends.